Project overview

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Study Submission date Title Samples # normal samples # tumor samples FFPE? Sample collection location
IMS3 NA NA 162 162 Yes Intermountain Healthcare Cancer Center (Utah, USA)
TCGA NA NA 51 564 No Multiple hospitals
GSE107422 11/28/2017 Gene expression profiling study to identify key markers associated with disease recurrence in colorectal cancers 110 primary CRC samples 0 109 No Asian Medical Center (Seoul, South Korea)
GSE146889 3/12/2020 RNA-seq Reveals Differences in Expressed Tumor Mutation Burden in Colorectal and Endometrial Cancer With and Without Defective DNA Mismatch Repair 91 tumors: 19 MSS, 19 MSI-H cases due to HM, remaining 53 were putative Lynch Syndrome cases; For 85 out of the 91 tumors, also had adjacent normal tissue 38 42 Yes Mayo Clinic
GSE50760 9/11/2013 Gene expression profiling study by RNA-seq in colorectal cancer 54 samples (normal colon, primary CRC, and liver metastasis) from 18 CRC patients. 18 18 No Asian Medical Center (Seoul, South Korea)
GSE95132 2/21/2017 Coding and noncoding transcriptome sequencing of KRAS mutated colorectal tumors and adjacent tissues from cancer patients and KRAS mutated Aberrant Crypt Foci and matching normal crypts from healthy individuals [RNA-Seq] 30 samples: 10 pairs primary tumor/matching normal colon tissue; 5 pairs Aberrant Crypt Foci/matching normal crypt. Two technical replicates of the library preparation for sample 165S (165S1 and 165S2). 10 10 No UConn John Dempsey Hospital (Connecticut, USA)
GSE104836 10/11/2017 Differentially expressed LncRNAs and mRNA identified by SEQ analysis in colorectal cancer patients 10 paired tissues (nontumor and colon cancer tissues) in triplicate 10 10 No Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Hebei Medical University + Hebei Provincial Tumor Hospital (Hebei, China)
GSE137327 9/12/2019 Differential gene expression between human colon cancers and the adjacent nomral colon tissues 9 human colon cancer samples and their matching adjacent normal tissues 9 9 No Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey (New Jersey, USA)